Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Christopher Convery

In this edition of Angel Watchers, I'm featuring Christopher Convery, who is a multifaceted young artist.  I first saw Chris on a few episodes of "Gotham".  He played the part of a mute boy by the name of Martin.  Oswald Cobblepot took a shine to Martin, and a very interesting chemistry developed between the two of them.  It was magical, especially since Oswald generally has a mostly disagreeable personality. Chris was able to transcend that, and was able to soften the abrasiveness of Oswald.  What was very intriguing to me about Martin, is that even though he had no dialogue, he was able to communicate his feelings fluently: Almost as if he were a mime.  That demonstrated to me that Chris has very special abilities as an actor.  I next saw Chris in an episode of "Stranger Things".  He played the part of a young "Billy".  His performance was stunning, and it brought tears to my eyes.  Chris was that good.  He has appeared in films, television, Broadway, commercials, theater, and in live performances at different venues.  If those credits were not enough, he can also sing, dance, and play classical piano.  What more does he need to learn?  He has so many gifts, and has accomplished so much for one who is so young.  It is very interesting to me that Chris is a wandering gourmet, with excellent tastes.  The "The Good Eatz" video below is his review of an Asian-Fusion restaurant called Tao, located in New York City.  That struck a personal chord with me, because here in Hawaii, we have a plethora of restaurants featuring Asian cuisine, and I just love Asian food!  Here is a link to Christopher's YouTube channel: Christopher Convery on YouTube  Christopher Convery is the young star to watch, as he is lighting up the entertainment scene with so much preternatural luminescence.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.

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