Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Tree │ Fairai Richmond

Today, August 25, 2018, I attended the "Made In Hawaii Film Festival" that was held at the Palace Theater in Hilo, Hawaii.  I'm sure glad that I did, because it featured one of the most incredible short-films ever made, so far, in this sector of the Galaxy.  Director Fairai Richmond's "The Tree", is a cinematic masterpiece.  From its first opening seconds, I was transfixed by the other-worldly splendor of its images, and visual composition.  To say that "The Tree" is rich in allegory and metaphor would be an understatement.  You may even draw parallels from it to the Biblical account of Adam and Eve.  Be that as it may, "The Tree" is constructed in such a way that it speaks to the viewer in a very personal way, that allows you to make it your own.  And that for me is the beauty and mystery of "The Tree".  No two people can see it, and interpret it quite the same way.  Another thing that I liked about "The Tree" is that gentle sense of childhood wonderment and awe that it generates in us, and that we tend to lose as we age.  Now that is magical filmmaking at its best.  The icing on the cake though was when I was able to speak with Fairai after the showing.  He is a very warm, personable, and spiritual person.  I was surprised that he was so kind, and cordial to me, because after all, I am an old 71 year old broken-down relic from the past.  "The Tree" stars Loki Elvar Esrason, Serafina Chung, Justine Albert, and Preston Shinew.  The gorgeous cinematography is by Jorge Monteallegre, and the soundtrack, which really sounds like a soundscape, was composed by Camara Kambon.  Apparently, "The Tree" will have a sequel, because at the end of it, there is a caption that says, "to be continued..." I can hardly wait for it.  When "The Tree" goes into general release, I will feature it on Angel Watchers.  Currently "The Tree" is only playing at film festivals around the country.  Incidentally, "The Tree", was written and produced by Fairai.  I see great things in Fairai Richmond's future.  He will find the stories that he wants to tell, and they will be marvelous stories.  Below are three interviews with director Fairai Richmond.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.