Saturday, December 28, 2013

Luke Hunadi │ Master Keiki Hula 2013

In this edition of Angel Watchers I am featuring Luke Hunadi, the winner of the Master Keiki Hula 2013 competition that took place at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii during, the month of July.  Luke is a member of the Hālau Ka Lei Mokihana O Leinaala from the island of  Kauai, also known as The Garden Island.  A hālau is the name of a hula school or academy.  There are basically two types of hula, the Hula Kahiko (ancient hula) and the Hula 'Auana (modern hula).  Luke won in the Hula 'Auana category.  The hula he danced was called "Nui Kealoha o Kauai e", that was written by Kale Hannahs.  It tells the story of a helicopter trip around the island of Kauai to view its beauties from the sky.  To prepare for this hula, Luke actually took a helicopter ride to get a feel for the song that he was about to learn.  A good hula dancer gives the impression the he is floating off the stage unhindered by gravity, and Luke does this absolutely perfectly.  The story of a hula is told in the hands of the dancer, and Luke's hands are particularly expressive and emotive.  Notice that at one point of the dance, Luke sways and makes a circle with his right hand.  That is done to represent the helicopter trip, and if you notice in the lyric, the word helicopter is pronounced the Hawaiian way at that moment.  Luke is ten-years old, but dances with a maturity that is beyond his age.  Remember, keep your eyes on the hands.  A Me Ke Aloha Pumehana to you Luke, from Angel Watchers.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.

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