Monday, May 7, 2012

Nessun Dorma │ Julian Sage Miyata

Julian Sage Miyata is a remarkable singer.  I am very fussy about what singers I present on Angel Watchers. They need to have that "special something" that is hard to define, but can be felt, before I will feature them.  Which is why I do not make wholesale postings on a daily, or weekly basis.  Well Julian certainly has that "something special" in great abundance.  I never make any post on Angel Watchers without first consulting my Dear Aunt Martha,  who is the Angel Watchers' expert on refinement, and the arts.  She sang for many years as a contralto with the Metropolitan Opera Company, so I really value her opinion.  Julian's talent impressed her to no end.  We both hugged each other and wept profusely while listening to Julian sing "Nessun Dorma (None Shall Sleep)" from Giacomo Puccini's magnificent opera "Turandot".  Julian unfortunately does not have any CDs for sale as of yet.  Please click on the video widget below for a transcendental musical experience.

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