Monday, November 28, 2011

Angel Watchers' Exclusive Interview With The Enigmatic Razvan Dobai

In this edition of Angel Watchers we are featuring an exclusive interview with the enigmatic Razvan Dobai, from Bihor, Romania.  A short time ago, Razvan discovered the post that we made about him on Angel Watchers while he was doing a Google search of his name (see post:  Razvan Dobai - My Way).  Razvan then signed-up to follow Angel Watchers much to the delight of all of us.  We contacted Nicoleta, Razvan's mother and asked her if Razvan would be interested in doing an interview for us, and she readily agreed to do so.  For those of you who don't know, Razvan is the most exciting young talent to come out of Romania in a long time, and we were very impressed with his talent and stage-craft, and felt that we should do all that we can to promote him.  Without further ado, here is Angel Watchers' interview with Razvan Dobai.

1.   What is about singing that you like the most?

"I really enjoy being on stage and to make people happy with my music.  I also enjoy when they also sing along with me."

2.   Do you have a vocal coach?

"Yes, I've had a vocal coach since the age of seven."

3.   How long have you been singing for the general public?

"I started singing at eight years of age and now I'm almost fourteen."

4.   When you are singing, what kinds of thoughts go through your mind?

"My mind is usually free from extraneous thoughts.  It is just filled with me and my music."

5.   What are some of your favorite songs?

"From Michael Bubble I like "Feeling Good", "Hollywood", and "Home"".  

"From Adam Lambert, "What Do You Want From Me", and "No Boundaries"".

"From Robbie Williams, "Feel", and "Angels"".

"From Alexander Rybak, "Fairytale", Europe Skies", and "Roll With The Wind"".

"I also have many other song favorites, and I have made covers for a few of them."

6.   How do you feel when you are onstage?  For example; happy, nervous, apprehensive, excited?

"I'm happy, and sometimes I'm nervous if I am participating in a big song contest, but irregardless of tha,t I am still happy to be on-stage and singing."

7.   How long does it take you to prepare a new song before it is ready to be presented on stage?

"I am usually able to prepare a new song in just one day, but with that short a notice, it will not be as good as a song that I've  had a week or more to learn.  When I've performed a song for a long time, it gets to the point where I can just "feel" song, and I stop being nervous about the melody, or the lyrics."

8.   Do you have any CDs or MP3s for sale?

"Actually, I don't have any CDs or MP3s for sale at this time, but starting this Christmas, I will have some songs for sale on iTunes".

9.   How often do you give concerts?

I've never had my own concert, but I have sung on many different variety shows, TV programs, and also on the radio."

10.   Do you plan to make singing your professional career?

"Well, first, I'm planning on entering a good high school, then I will see how my musical career is going, but I do think that I will make a career with my music".

11.   What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

"I like all kinds of music, for example: Pop, Rock, Soft Music (it relaxes me), Reggae, Rap...etc."

12.   Who are some of your favorite recording artists?

"I like Michael Bubble, Adam Lambert,  Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Alexander Rybak and many others."

13.   Do you have any hobbies?

"Yes I do, though music is my primary interest, but I also like to play video games, swimming, playing football and basketball."

14.   Do you speak any foreign languages"

"Yes, I speak a bit of English, and I'm constantly improving it."

15.   What are some of your favorite movies?

"I like "Titanic", "God For A Day", "Yes Man", "The Mask" and all the movies of the American actor Jim Carrey."

16.   What are some of your favorite foods?

"I like hot dogs ;) and also more healthy stuff.  For instance I enjoy milk with cereals, and almost any kind of fruit."

17.   Do you plan someday to perform in opera?

"I'm not much interested in opera.  It is not exciting enough for my taste."

18.   Have you concertized in other countries besides Romania?

"Yes, I have concertized in Slovakia and Hungry."

19.  What do you think about American popular music in general?

"It's OK, but I have not heard too much American music."

20.  Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans on Angel Watchers?

"I hope that all of you continue to follow me , and to also enjoy my music.  You can follow me on these links:  Razvan Dobai's Official YouTube Channel   and  Razvan's Official Website  I have a request to ask of all of you.  Please help me to choose a stage name, or nickname if you will.  I need some ideas.  If you have any suggestions please log on to my official website and contact me there.  I would also like to thank you for your interest in my music and career."

Wow, was that a cool interview or what?  Thank you very much Razvan and Nicoleta for taking the time to respond to all of our interview questions.  Angel Watchers will be following your career with great interest, and we are looking forward to buying your music on iTunes.  Please click on the video widget below to hear Razvan sing the beautiful "Dincolo de Nori Beyond (The Clouds)".  Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.


  1. hi again Endyr! Just wanted to say Marry Christmas to you and all your friends and to send to you Razvan's Cristmas version of "My way" ! Enjoy and share with everyone if you like!

  2. Hi Nicoleta,

    A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you and Razvan. Thank you for the link to the Christmas version of "My Way". I will be posting it very soon on Angel Watchers.

    With a hug,