Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

I've been a fan of video games since the late 1970s.  It's one of my passions, especially vintage video games.  Needless to say my interests in video games, and video game consoles, do no go further than about the year 2007.  The modern video games just leave me cold.  It's the classic video games that really intrigue me.  Quite by accident I stumbled upon a brand new video game called "The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter", and it is probably the coolest game that I have ever played.  It has caused me to reconsider my previous aversion to newer games.  The plot of "The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter", has an irresistible evocative power that draws you into it.  Paul Prospero, a private detective with paranormal abilities, receives a strange fanboy letter from Ethan Carter, a tween, who is extremely aware of the supernatural, and bizarre things.  Ethan's letter brings Prospero to the Red Creek Valley where Ethan and his family lives.  Prospero knows that Ethan is missing, and begins to explore Red Creek Valley, and investigates its dark secrets.  It is a quest to find the missing Ethan Carter before its too late to save him.  That is the essence of the game.  One might say that "The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter" is a mixture of "Myst" and "Twin Peaks", or "Myst" on steroids.  It is a first-person perspective game, so it makes you feel like you are in the action.  As a side note, the visuals in this game are stunningly beautiful. Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.

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