Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Damiano Mazzone

In this edition of Angel Watchers I am featuring Damiano Mazzone who is from Naples, Italy.  Both of his parents are professional musicians, so it's not surprising that Damiano is bursting with talent.  Damiano's stage presence is so powerful, that it seems at times, that his spirit will just explode out of his skin.  The only other young singers today who have that kind of explosive emotional power are Valentin Vierling, Afanasy Prokhorov, Razvan Dobai ,and Yura Demidovich.  These five singers, taken together form a musical pantheon, that won't be equaled for at least fifty years or more.  It is very unusual to have that many extremely talented new young singers on the musical scene at one time.  I am presenting Damiano to you in an exciting double-play.  In the topmost video  Damiano sings for you the rollicking "A Città 'e Pulcinella (The City of Pulcinella)".  Pulcinella, often called Punch in English, originated in the Commedia dell'arte of the 17th century, and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry.  Pulcinella is always dressed in black and white, which symbolizes and moderates life and death.  In the bottom video, Damiano sings the incredibly passionate "Ddoie Regine", that was composed by Gianni Fiorellino.  Unfortunately I could not find a translation of the title of this song as it seems to be in a form of Italian dialect. Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be

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