Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love's Been Good To Me │ Frank Sinatra

In this very special edition of Angel Watchers, I am featuring Frank Sinatra, the greatest American singer of them all.  Since this blog is mainly about music, I thought that it was appropriate, and about time, that I featured the master singer himself, Frank Sinatra.  I also did this to point out that I am an American, because I still get a lot of email from the fans of Angel Watchers, who try to guess what my country of origin is.  Many of the fans think that I am either German, Russian, or French, because I rarely present American artists on Angel Watchers.  Please let me say again, I am an American, and will always be an American.  "Loves' Been Good To Me" is probably Frank Sinatra's best song.  It was written by the American composer Rod McKuen, who by-the-way, was a close friend and collaborator of  Belgian singer/composer Jacques Brel.  "Love's Been Good To Me" speaks very intimately to my soul.  You might say that it defines who I am.  It is my personal anthem.  Please listen closely to the lyrics as it has a lot of life's lessons for all of us to learn.  Frank Sinatra ceased his earthly existence on May 14, 1998.  Safe journeys to the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.

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