Saturday, August 13, 2011

Esperança Do Natal │ Chico and Roberta

Chico and Roberta is an exciting musical duo from Puerto Seguru in Brazil.  They were inseparable from their infancy, and went to the same school, and even did their homework together.  Chico and Roberto initially received a lot of media attention with their spirited dance interpretation of the Lambada, which you can find many versions of on YouTube.  In this edition of Angel Watchers, my Dear Aunt Martha and I are presenting two remarkable video presentations of  "Esperança Do Natal (Christmas Hope)"  performed by Chico and Roberta with a large supporting cast.  These videos have really high production values, and stands out as some of the best music videos ever to come out of Brazil.  As usual, my Dear Aunt Martha and I discovered "Esperança Do Natal" quite serendipitously when we were browsing for something else.  "Esperança Do Natal" is an extremely hypnotic, haunting, infectious, exotic, intriguing, and beautiful song.  I can listen to it over, and over again with complete enjoyment.  By-the-way, the conga player has a rhythmic intensity that is very appealing.  He is fun to watch.  Without further ado, please click on the video widgets below for an incredible video treat.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Angel Watchers, wherever you may be.


  1. A great find! Very interesting videos.

  2. Hi Pablo,

    This is really an amazing video.

    Com um abraço meu amigo,